Speech & Language And Physical Therapy Diagnosis And Treatment Specialists

Here at Continuum Pediatric Therapy, we provide evidence-based speech and language therapy to support your child’s ability to interact with the world around him or her through the use of language. Feeding and swallowing therapy is also provided to help children meet their basic nutritional needs and broaden their diets. Services are available in your home as well as our clinics in McLean, VA, Chesapeake, VA and Columbia, MD. We also provide pediatric physical therapy services through our Chesapeake, VA office and occupational therapy in the McLean, VA area. Our therapists at Continuum Pediatric Therapy are committed to using the most current research-based approaches and techniques and individualizing them to suit your child’s specific needs. Assistive technology is also used to enrich language development when appropriate. Therapy is provided in individual and small group sessions depending on the recommended type and frequency of treatment.

Speech Therapy
Speech Sound Disorders
Articulation, Phonological disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Stuttering & Fluency
Voice Resonance (Nasality)
Oral Motor
PROMPT therapy
Feeding and Swallowing
Motor Speech Delays
Full Diagnosis & Treatment
Ages 0-21

Language Therapy
Language Disorders/Delays
Receptive Language
Expressive Language
Reading Fluency & Comprehension
Written Language
Executive Functioning/Study Skills
Social Pragmatic Language
Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Use
Full Diagnosis & Treatment
Ages 0-21

Learning Disabilities
Diagnosis & Treatment Plans
Expressive/Receptive Language
Reading Fluency/Comprehension
Written Language
Social Pragmatic Language
Verbal Problem Solving
Occupational Therapy

Classroom Observation
Development of IEPs
IEP Process Support
Social Skills Training
Parental & Interdisciplinary Consults
OTs, Nurses, ENTs, etc.
School Setting Specialists